Election Integrity - Stefani Lord for District 22


Election Integrity

Ensuring secure elections with trusted results is crucial to our state.  Just this past year, radical Democrats tried to pass laws that would have corrupted our elections and destroyed faith in our institutions. Luckily, we were able to stop SB 144 on the house floor in the final hour.

I strongly support Voter ID measures to ensure the fairness of our elections. We need to assure that one person has only one vote. I support statewide Voter ID law in New Mexico.

Automatically issuing mail-in ballots is an invitation to fraud. I strongly oppose issuing mail-in ballots without voter request.  We must also ensure that our county clerks and Secretary of State clean up voter rolls in a consistent manner. 

One of the best ways to improve voter trust and prevent voter fraud is to increase the number of poll watchers, challengers, and judges. I have always encouraged people to get involved in the voting process.