Economy and Jobs - Stefani Lord for District 22


Economy and Jobs

“New Mexico is a beautiful state with incredible people; it’s time that we started encouraging startups and business relocation to give everyone the chance to succeed without having to move away.” ~ Stefani Lord

New Mexico is not known as a business-friendly state. Liberals talk a lot about diversifying New Mexico’s economy, but the problem is that they support policies that actively drive people to do business in other states. 

Bringing potential businesses and entrepreneurs to the great state of New Mexico will require a multi-pronged approach. We need to look to our border states, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona, for inspiration. These states have created a pro-business economy that allows graduates to find competitive jobs in their home states.

New Mexico needs to develop a competitive tax climate. Texas, with no corporate or personal income tax, has one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation and one of the best business climates. We need more incentives like tax relief for businesses, and we need to foster a skilled and diverse workforce training program and develop a dynamic transportation network.

At the same time, businesses that are relocating also look for quality schools, low crime, and cultural opportunities. While we excel in a diverse culture, we will not be able to entice business startups or relocations when our schools rank at the bottom and the crime rate ranks at the top of national lists.