Second Amendment - Stefani Lord for District 22


Second Amendment

I am dedicated to preserving the rights of New Mexicans to own and defend themselves with firearms. I firmly uphold the United States Constitutional statement, “shall not be infringed.”

Fighting for the Second Amendment also includes protecting the people’s right to have due process and a fair trial before your property is taken from you.

My major accomplishments in the 2020 session included fighting and defeating unconstitutional anti-2nd Amendment bills that punish legal gun owners. Such measures will also never stop violent criminals from being criminals. 

For this reason I fought against the following legislation:

HB 68 – Created a new fourth-degree felony penalty for anyone under 19 with a gun and any adult within 1000 feet of a school zone. Luckily, the sponsor of this bill listened to me and public input. Portions of this bill making minors into felons and the gun-free school zone were removed later from this bill. 

HB 9 – “Safe” gun storage. This bill would have made parents into felons if a minor had any access to a weapon. 

HB 156 – A pipeline-to-prison bill designating all firearms with a magazine capacity larger than 15 rounds as a “large-capacity” magazine and making simple possession of such magazines a felony under New Mexico law. This bill would have turned thousands of law-abiding New Mexicans into felons overnight. I debated this bill and convinced Democrats to vote no, killing this bill in committee.