Meet Stefani Lord:
Champion for the Second Amendment

Before being elected as a state representative in 2020, Stefani Lord was a community organizer who founded Pro-Gun Women and organized the largest pro-2nd Amendment rally in the history of New Mexico.

“Representative Lord has been a fighter for the Second Amendment for many years as the founder of Pro-Gun Women. She led the fight against unconstitutional red flag laws, and she is the #1 defender of the Second Amendment in the state legislature. It is CRUCIAL for the protection of our rights to re-elect Representative Stefani Lord.” – Sheriff Mark Cage

Stefani Lord has single-handedly stopped numerous anti-gun bills in committee which would have devastated our 2nd Amendment rights in New Mexico. 

Next session, it’s going to get a lot worse.

Representative Lord’s opponent in the November election is a hard-core advocate of gun control, and supports stripping you of your Constitutional rights and your ability to defend yourself and your family.

Please, let’s send Stefani Lord back to the Roundhouse to continue the fight for your freedoms. 

“Representative Lord has fought to defend our Second Amendment rights from day one. She doesn’t just talk: she walks the walk. She’s not a follower, but a leader. She is the core of the 2nd Amendment battle in New Mexico. Stefani didn’t wait around for someone to stand up for her rights when they were threatened: she got out and waged war against the establishment herself. The radical Left in our state government HATES Stefani. That’s why we’ve got to get her re-elected in November.” – BMC Tactical

Will you support Stefani Lord, proven champion for our constitutional rights? We need her fighting for us in Santa Fe.