Education - Stefani Lord for District 22



“It’s painfully obvious that what we are doing is not working.” – Representative Stefani Lord.

Successful schools let data from staff and students drive their decisions, create and focus on achievable goals, and monitor the results. Schools need a clear vision for achievement and transparency, allowing parents and the community to measure goals and outcomes. Parents deserve to know how a school is performing and when they are not doing what is best for a student, they deserve the right to choose a better public school, private school, charter school, or homeschool. Parents deserve the right to make the best decision for their children, and the state should fund that decision. In 2022, I cosponsored HJR 11/15, which allowed public funding to parents for home, private, or religious-based schools, including virtual schools. 

Parents also deserve to know what is being taught in the schools. The New Mexico PED is currently adopting a very progressive social studies program that will teach gender studies in kindergarten and use divisive language such as “Destruction of Americas by Spaniards” to children. While we must not avoid our past, the presentation of history should be age-appropriate and not in a way that causes racial division and resentment among our children.