Meet Stefani - Stefani Lord for District 22


Meet Stefani

Stefani Lord and her husband, Thor Lord, call the East Mountains their home. Thor is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran. Stefani and Thor are avid motorcycle riders who spend many hours riding the beautiful roads of New Mexico. When they are not riding, they are usually working on motorcycles, spoiling their rescue dogs, or enjoying great food, live music, and the rodeos of the East Mountains. Stefani says, “We both love the people, the music, the food, and the incredible scenery of New Mexico.”

Stefani Lord is a graduate of Portland State University with a Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on the neurochemistry of the brain. She graduated at the top of her class and is a member of multiple honor societies, including Golden Key and Psi Chi. Stefani has worked as a small business owner, and now devotes her time to hobbies, philanthropy, and serving the people of District 22. 

Before running for office, Stefani formed a citizen action group called Pro-Gun Women to fight back against the constant infringement on the Second Amendment in New Mexico. “I was tired of the progressives constantly presenting bills that affected legal gun owners and doing nothing to address real crime issues,” Stefani states. 

Pro-Gun Women has become an important conservative organization in New Mexico, and Stefani was able to mobilize so many citizens that Pro-Gun Women held the largest 2nd Amendment rally in the history of New Mexico right on the doorsteps of the roundhouse in 2020. 

Stefani Lord is running for reelection in District 22 to continue the fight against radical left-wing policies that do not represent New Mexicans or our values. Over the past two years, she has seen outside money flowing into our state given to radicals who present extremist bills that harm the people of our state and our way of life. District 22 deserves a fighter who will protect our rights and stop bad bills from destroying our state.