Crime - Stefani Lord for District 22



It’s inexcusable that New Mexico has the second highest violent crime rate in the country. This is due to a series of problems: we have lax laws, soft judges, and we don’t support our law enforcement officers. 

I have fought, and will continue to fight, to make sure law enforcement has the support they need. I will also continue to fight for bail reform and stricter sentencing requirements so that liberal judges can no longer let violent criminals back onto the streets where they inevitably offend again, and hurt more innocent people. I will also support legislation ending catch and release policies in New Mexico, which starts with legislation banning sanctuary city laws, like the one we have in Albuquerque.

In the 2022 session, I presented real solutions to help fix crime with the following bills: 

HB 25 – Providing for no time limitation for prosecuting second-degree murder. 

HB 27 – If there is evidence that a person is dangerous, no release conditions will be reasonable in order to protect the community, and no bail will be allowed. 

HB 29 – Creates penalties to protect us and retail businesses from the recent “smash and grab” trend in stores. 

HB 31 – Providing additional penalties for criminals with three violent felony convictions.  

HJR 4 – Amending the constitution of New Mexico to allow conditions for denying bail.